Our Team

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Oriana Gjini

Secretary General

Oriana is a high school senior from Rockford, Illinois and is honored to serve as Secretary General for GLOMUN 2021. She began working with GLOMUN in the summer of 2020 as a crisis director. Being given the opportunity to organize this conference means so much to her, so she takes this responsibility with the greatest care and attention. A little about how she got involved in Model UN… Oriana joined her school’s Model UN team after her World History teacher (and school MUN advisor), the wonderful Mrs. Stark, encouraged it. Ever since then, she has been immensely grateful for all the experiences and people she has met along the way. Beyond the outstanding creativity inspired through Model UN, Oriana feels that it uniquely encourages relationships and understanding, those being integral qualities in universally any field and essential to building character. Outside of Model UN, Oriana has many interests including being a pianist (her favorite composer is Chopin), painting, and playing tennis. Her guilty pleasure is Ethnic Food Club where she goes to restaurants with friends to try different cuisines!

She would love to hear from you at [email protected]!

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Collin Dwyer

Director General

Collin Dwyer is a Junior from Chicago! He loves Model UN and is super grateful to the founders of GLOMUN who have made the great GLOMUN experience possible for a whole new year of delegates. He is honored with the great responsibility of carrying on their legacy! Besides MUN, he likes to play chess/lacrosse, run, write, and hopes to one day have a chance to meet all the GLOMUN staff and delegates in person. Fun Fact: His dog named Jack will only go up the stairs backwards?! He wants to wish the best to all those struggling during this pandemic, and hopes that GLOMUN can be a shining star in a dark COVID infested night sky.

Please reach out to him at [email protected], he really, really wants to talk!

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Zachary Sievers

Chief of Staff

Zachary Sievers is a high school junior from Northern Illinois. He is ecstatic to be serving as the Chief of Staff for GLOMUN 2021. Besides Model UN, Zachary is a part of the Science Olympiad team at his school. His favorite subject in school is science, and Zachary hopes to pursue a future career in Public Health and Medicine. In his free time, Zachary likes to catch up on the best new shows and movies on Netflix. Zachary is so thankful to be working with such a dedicated secretariat team and could not be more excited to welcome delegates to GLOMUN 2021!

Feel free to reach out to him anytime at [email protected]!

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Aanya Roy

Under-Secretary General of Communications & Outreach

Aanya Roy is a 16-year-old sophomore in Chicago, Illinois, and will be GLOMUN 2021’s USG of Communications and Outreach. She will be maintaining communication and outreach with various schools across the globe in order to expand the participation in this year’s GLOMUN conference. Aanya first worked with Global Leaders Online Model UN in its first conference in 2020 in the planning and organizing team, and started Model UN in her freshman year. In the various online and in-person conferences she has attended, she has received two best delegate awards, one of which was in GLOMUN 2020, in addition to a position paper award. She is a member of the BPA team, Science Olympiad team, Model UN team, Badminton team, Key Club, and National English Honor Society at her High School, and enjoys creative writing, running, and quilling for her small business, QuillTunk, in her free time. Aanya highly values efficiency, interaction, dedication, and vision, and is excited to work to ensure that GLOMUN 2021 is as widespread and inclusive as it is successful. 

Feel free to contact her at [email protected].

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Michael Hlavaty

Under-Secretary General of Technology

Michael Hlavaty is a 16 year old rising junior from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, serving as the Under-Secretary General of Technology. His responsibilities include helping maintain the GLOMUN website as well as managing the Zoom calls and Gatherly sessions during the conference. Michael enjoys STEM related hobbies including programming, competing in robotics competitions, and learning about math and physics. He also enjoys writing for The Revere, his school’s global affairs magazine, as well as playing Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer for his school. Michael is thrilled to be a part of this conference and to be able to work with this group of exceptional students, and is looking forward to the kick off of the GLOMUN conference in June.

Please reach out to him at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.
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Samay Inampudi

Under-Secretary General of Operations

Samay Inampudi attends high school in the Chicago land area. He actively participates in his school’s Model UN team and enjoys the academic yet social atmosphere of conferences. In school, his favorite subject is science, and he participates in several clubs such as Science Olympiad and Ecology club. For leisure, he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with friends and family. He plans to go into the field of medicine and public health but also heavily enjoys public speaking and academic writing. In fact, he is currently getting 2 scientific research/experimental papers expertly published. Although these times have been unprecedented, Samay hopes that GLOMUN can be something worth looking forward to! He is excited to make the GLOMUN experience as enjoyable as possible for delegates and participants, despite the unique struggles COVID has brought on.


Please contact him at [email protected].

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Holden Lamberson

Under-Secretary General of General Assemblies

Holden Lamberson is a junior from Chicago, Illinois. Since his freshman year, he has participated in Model UN conferences and has been a member of the All-American Model UN Travel Team since August 2019. He has competed in over twenty MUN conferences nationally, internationally, and online. He enjoys both the competitive atmosphere of MUN debates and the collaborative aspects of writing resolutions, as well as researching the intricacies of complex global issues and developing creative solutions to these issues. He served as Chair of the ECOFIN committee at last year’s inaugural GLOMUN conference, and he will serve as Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies for the upcoming GLOMUN. He looks forward to working with members of the GLOMUN team to plan and host another excellent online conference in 2021. In his spare time, he is a Staff Writer for the All-American UNMOD magazine and a contributing writer for “Discourses,” his high school’s political magazine. He is also an avid history buff, who enjoys public speaking, computer science, playing guitar, and spending lots of time with the newest member of his family, a puppy named Nova.

Please reach out to him at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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Divyash Shah

Under-Secretary General Of Specialized Committees

Divyash Shah is a sophomore from Tenafly, New Jersey. He has been competing in Model United Nations since freshman year and has been a delegate and chair for many conferences. He is excited to continue participating in Model United Nations virtually. Divyash was the Head Chair for the World Health Organization last year at GLOMUN 2020 and had an amazing time. This year he is so excited to be the USG of Specialized for GLOMUN 2021. Divyash can’t wait to meet everyone and see and hear the amazing debate about important global issues. Outside of Model UN, Divyash plays soccer, volleyball, and basketball. He also enjoys volunteering at his local health clinic but when he isn’t there, you can find him playing his guitar or listening to some good music. 

Feel free to contact him at [email protected].

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Shagnik Mukherjea

Under-Secretary General of Crisis Committees

Shagnik Mukherjea is a 12th grader from National Centre For Excellence, Bangalore and has been involved in Model UN and Parliamentary Debate for the better part of 6 years. A veteran debater and an exemplary orator, he has placed in the top 40 Speakers in South India and currently serves as the Deputy Secretary General for South Asia at MUN Impact. In addition to debating and satisfying the curiosities of niche subjects, Shagnik is an F1 enthusiast and will fight tooth and nail to prove that Max Verstappen is the best F1 driver to ever exist. He intends to pursue International Law as his higher education and is very excited to welcome you all to be a part of this edition of GLOMUN 2021.

Please reach out to him at [email protected].