GLOMUN 2020 Code of Conduct

Expectations of Conduct

GLOMUN was created with the purpose of fostering a global, learning environment for delegates to grow alongside one another. Respect and professionalism are of the utmost importance, and delegates must adhere to these expectations. GLOMUN reserves the right to remove any delegate, advisor, or participant who demonstrate a clear violation of the policies outlined below.


In order to qualify for an award, delegates must be present for all committee sessions. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each session, and explanations of any extenuating circumstances that cause tardiness, absence, etc. must be submitted to the chair in a timely manner.

Digital Platforms

GLOMUN will be conducted through Zoom and Gatherly. Delegates may NOT share, record, or broadcast any materials developed and produced by GLOMUN staff or delegates without the written consent of all parties involved or featured. Delegates are personally NOT allowed to record, publish, or distribute phone calls, virtual sessions, and/or other digital meetings and communications associated with GLOMUN. During the conference, delegates should be aware that their activity on both Zoom and Gatherly can be monitored by the GLOMUN Secretariat and staff, and unacceptable conduct will result in a warning, which can be extended to a ban from the conference if said behavior continues. 


Considering the virtual nature of GLOMUN, delegates are highly encouraged to utilize any and all resources to compile research before and during committee sessions. Participants will need to have access to a computer or other mobile device that is capable of running the latest version of the chosen virtual platform’s software, as well as a webcam and microphone for maximum participation. Delegates are strongly recommended to connect their device with high-speed internet that will support interactive audio and video. Moreover, delegates are prohibited from submitting pre-written clauses and resolutions. Any issues with connectivity or Zoom malfunctions must be directed towards the Under-Secretary General of Technology for technical support, as well as the chairs of respective committees for committee exemption.

Committee Procedures

Standard Model UN procedures for both UNA-USA and THIMUN can be found on the official GLOMUN website. However, all chairs reserve the right to adjust the procedures to best fit the flow of committee. The dais will notify delegates of any deviation from standard parliamentary procedure.


Delegates are encouraged to engage in note-passing during active committee sessions through Gatherly private chats. However, alternative methods of communication between delegates are permitted, including but not limited to: iMessage, Whatsapp, Google Docs, email, etc. Delegates are expected to adhere to conference expectations of integrity and respect when producing written communication. Any reported instances of bullying, harassment, or otherwise unacceptable language will result in immediate action by the dais and the Secretaries-General. 

Dress Code

The dress code for GLOMUN opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, and all committee sessions will be Western Business Attire (WBA). Delegates are expected to look professional and presentable for all events; however, considering the unprecedented circumstances for which GLOMUN has been created, the secretariat and staff understand that delegates may not have access to certain business attire, and thus chairs will not penalize delegates for matters beyond their control.

Equal Treatment

GLOMUN’s mission is to provide opportunities to delegates from all over the world, and under no circumstances will GLOMUN tolerate any form of discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability. If a delegate feels disadvantaged and/or experiences discrimination, GLOMUN urges to the delegate to speak to any member of the Secretariat or staff. If a delegate is found to be pursuing practices which exclude another delegate, such as restricting the ability of a delegate to join a Zoom breakout room, the delegate leading and all delegates engaging in and supporting that exclusionary practice will be removed from GLOMUN 2020 and their advisor and school (if warranted by the severity) will be notified.


GLOMUN will not tolerate any instances of cyber bullying or harassment, as defined by any conduct that is intended to negatively interfere with another delegate’s performance. Similarly, GLOMUN will not stand for any instances of sexual harassment, as defined by any online unwanted conduct or advances in a sexual manner on a digital platform, such as the non-consensual sharing of sexually explicit images or videos, threats, sexualized bullying and unwanted sexualization. Any such instances should be immediately reported to an advisor, chair, or member of GLOMUN’s Secretariat and staff. The Secretaries General will address the situation in accordance with GLOMUN’s policies, and the offending delegate will be subject to removal from the conference.


GLOMUN expects advisors to work with their delegations to ensure that delegates understand the policies and expectations outlined by this code of conduct. In the situation where the Secretariat notifies the advisor of a delegate’s inappropriate behavior or infraction, it is the advisor’s responsibility to comply with GLOMUN’s policies in rectifying the situation.