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A Letter from the Secretary General

Dearest delegates,

It is our distinct pleasure to formally welcome you to the inaugural session of the Global Leaders Online Model United Nations Conference. We are truly honored to serve as your Secretaries General for GLOMUN 2020, a conference that reflects the mission of educating tomorrow’s leaders and enacting global change. Our dedicated and inspiring Secretariat and global leadership team, with members hailing from over twelve countries, have been working tirelessly to bring you an incredible conference experience. On August 1st, hundreds of delegates from nearly every continent will come together simultaneously to solve some of the most complex global issues and historical dilemmas.

As our world continues to battle uncertain times and unprecedented hardships, we, as the Model United Nations community, have sought and found solidarity and unity in one another. We are brought together by our shared passion for Model UN, and it is our hope that GLOMUN becomes a model and forum for delegates to learn from one another and meet like-minded peers from around the world.

As such, the theme of the GLOMUN 2020 is connection. We are constantly discovering new ways to communicate with one another, and it is with great joy that we are bringing Model UN to an online platform where we can reach hundreds of delegates from around the world. However, the motif of connection is not limited to its traditional definition. During these difficult times, we are reminded of our connection to one another and the comradeship we share in pursuit of a better future. We hope that your experience with GLOMUN 2020 will embolden each of you to serve the global community as the next generation of leaders, diplomats, and ambassadors.

Over the two days of committee, we are excited to see fruitful debate take place across thirteen time zones and dozens of countries. It is our greatest wish that delegates will leave the conference having gained not only a deeper understanding of global affairs, but also genuine friendships and connections with one another. Although GLOMUN will only last two days, the memories and knowledge will last a lifetime.

On behalf of our leadership team, welcome to GLOMUN 2020.



Irene Kwon and Zoey Fisher

Secretaries General

Global Online Leaders Model UN 2020

Feedback from GLOMUN Participants

Is the topic engaging?

“The topic I feel is a perfect fit for doing a competition online. It promotes intelligent debate. The background guide was a great length and promotes a profound curiosity in the topic.”


How is the flow of debate?

“I’ve been to a lot of conferences and this feels like a perfect pace!”


Does the chair call on people regularly?

“The chair is very good at calling people and is doing it equally, in my opinion chair is great! [The chair] always ask delegates who have not spoken to raise their hands, so [they] want everyone to have a chance.”


Any other comments, concerns, or questions?

“Overall the chair is doing a great job, they are very kind and responsive to the delegate’s needs. As a new MUNner, they feel comfortable speaking. Very good at being fair with time.”

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